MRE’s – Not just for Soldiers Anymore


What do you think of when you hear MRE? For those of us Ex-Military, flashbacks of brown plastic packages filled with barely palatable selections made foraging in the woods seem like a better option. This was in the late 1980s, so I know they have gotten a little better, but now the MRE technology that the military uses to keep shelf-stable food on hand has moved to the mainstream.

Although campers, backpackers and hunters are ideal candidates for convenient food options, the shelf life and improved food quality make MRE’s great additions to disaster preparedness and emergency stocks. Many MRE packages even come with a self-heating device that is activated with a few teaspoons of water (or melted snow!) allowing a hot meal when there is no other power.

We are trying out MRE Star here at the Outfitters. We liked the range of the food selection and the self-heating component, especially after the Great Freeze of 2020.

Here are some of what we think will be our favorite selections: Cheese Tortellini with Marinara, Tuscan Beef with Cannellini Beans, New Orleans Gumbo with Chicken, Pinto Bean Stew with Ham, and BBQ Chicken with Black Beans. Each pack also comes with a drink mix, crackers, some type of nut/dried fruit mix, a cookie, a wet wipe, a set of seasoning/utensils, and the all-important heater!

What we love about the “new” MRE:
-No Cooking Required
-No Refrigeration Required
-Food is fully hydrated – no freeze-dried or dehydrated food
-Shelf Stable (minimum 3 years if stored at 80 degrees or less, up to 2 years at 100 degrees)
-Lightweight and Waterproof for easy transport and packing

Buy it, store it, and forget about it until you need it!

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