Muck Boots – The Most Popular Brand You May Have Never Heard Of…

Muck Boots

What do virtually all Alaskan Outdoor Reality shows and Ree Drummond (the Pioneer Woman) have in common? They all wear Muck Boots! Muck boots not only look totally bad-ass, but they are also 100% waterproof, keeping your feet toasty dry in harsh weather and messy working conditions.

Muck’s exclusive, self-insulating Neoprene shell acts as a “natural medium” between inside and outside temps. Lightweight and comfortable, your feet and lower legs will be warm and protected.

Warm but not sweaty…. Mucks have a breathable air mesh lining that allows air to circulate throughout the interior lining surface. Any excess humidity is quickly wicked away.

But enough about the construction – check out the most popular styles. The Chore boot and snake boot are some examples of the Muck workhorses. I became an instant fan of the snake boot after hearing that other traditional snake boot style can DRAG A SNAKE ALONG WITH YOU IF IT GETS ITS FANG CAUGHT! These snake boots are rubber, so no venomous hitchhikers on a Muck!

The Muck boot line extends well beyond hunting and farming boots. If you need a quality boot for the garden or a pier, there is a perfect fit. The muckster ankle and low boots are the solutions for yard work or around the campfire after a long hunt.

For the Ladies, Muck has the same ruggedness but with some extra style. The Hale series is at home on a hunt or on the ranch as they are in high society– at least the places we go. Options in tweeds, buffalo plaids, a punch of hot pink, offer a change of pace from more traditional camo and brown/black, but Muck has them as well.

There are too many styles and options to fit in a short article, so take a look at the Muck website and then come on by and try some on! Every person who tries on a pair through the end of November gets entered in a drawing for a FREE pair! One less Christmas present to buy or just make it a Treat Yo’ Self Day!

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