Trail Camera cellular cost is too damn high!


Every additional trail camera you set up to determine deer movement patterns increases your chances of finding Bullwinkle instead of Mr. Buttons!

What if you were able to collect images from as many as 16 cameras spaced up to 1 mile from the Home camera with only a single cellular plan?

With Cuddelink you can get a single cellular plan for all 16 cameras for as little as $15 per month or $40 per month for unlimited images. Not $15 per camera, $15 for all!

CuddeLink’s proprietary wireless mesh network supports up to 16 cameras that communicate to a single cellular camera, allowing you to cover more area for less cost. Remote monitoring also means you never disturb the area you are monitoring or leave your scent when retrieving images.

I’ve coupled my cameras with the Cuddeback Solar Banks and currently use the standard Duracell, non-rechargeable batteries. I am on day #450 and Cuddeback is still testing well with multiple images coming in daily.

These cameras utilize “D” cell batteries which have up to 8 times the power of “AA”. Coupled with the available Solar Banks and 450 days in, I still don’t know when they will require replacement.

Performance Also Matters
Cuddeback has the world’s fastest trigger speed. Why does this matter? Because you can’t score a Buck by looking at his rump.

A deer moving at 10 mph will typically escape a camera’s field of view within ½ second. However, with the Cuddeback ¼ second shutter speed, the entire deer is in frame

This is what trail camera service should look like:
-Low-cost cellular service with unlimited image transmission
-Ability to operate for extremely long periods without requiring intrusive visits to the area
-Ability to gather all images from “Remote” cameras from a single “Home” camera without a cellular plan
-Fast Trigger speeds coupled with fast recovery speed
-High Power IR LED flash
-Full-color HD day imaging
-IR Black & White HD night imaging
-Date, time, and moon phase tracking
-10,20 or 30-second video plus simultaneous imaging

The Cuddeback option has all these features and more. Even if you already have a camera system in place and need to cover a large area, you owe it to yourself to explore the Cuddeback option. The cellular savings alone could compel you to switch.

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