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Our Story

When COVID hit we had spent most of our lives working inside windowless corporate America, with infrequent forays in to the country to hunt, fish, or camp. As social distancing and food shortages became the new norm, we decided it was the perfect time to move to the country – goodbye city life!

We started with a few goats, a couple of awesome guard donkeys, a colony of rabbits, a glare of cats and a flock of eggless chickens. We soon realized we had much to learn. Through a lot of reading, marathon YouTube evenings, informative conversations with our neighbors and a lot of Green Acres reruns, we have learned a lot and have enjoyed most of it.

Realizing there was a need for affordable products that cater to the Hunters, Ranchers and Homesteaders in our area, we set out to find high-quality products that can be difficult to be sourced locally or needed to be offered more affordably. We started out with hunting products and trailer hitches. Kaufman, and surrounding counties are great for hunters and many other outdoor activities, so our goal was to be a local alternative to the Big Box or Mail Order. We take pride in fair pricing, because while buying local sounds great, the prices have to support it.

Realizing that “Our People” are far more than hunters, we began to bring in more types of products, focusing on things that we would want to buy for ourselves. This may have led us to a bit of scope creep (as well as a really full store), but it has been a lot of fun. Although we carry a lot of the big brands, we try to find smaller, regional companies with great products to help their small businesses grow also. We are not sure where it will end, but some of our newer items are ATV’s, coolers, better selections of feeders & blinds, and duck decoys (to include patented riggings). For the homestead and rural preparedness we are adding chicken tractors, selected animal feeds and MRE’s.

We wish we had a building twice the size to make room for our ideas, but we love what we have been able to build so far. There isn’t a friendlier place in Texas and being able to be a part of our customers’ lives and hear their stories is what Kemp Outfitters is all about.