“Li-ion Power Stations: Trustworthy Battery Backup for Every Need”

Power Station

Be Prepared for Storms with the MASSIMO 2000W Power Station When a storm strikes, it often brings along power outages, leaving us stranded without electricity. In such situations, having a reliable backup power source is crucial. The MASSIMO 2000W Power Station is a game-changer when it comes to storm preparedness. With its robust features and […]

The Department of Homeland Security is talking about EMPs, why aren’t we?

EMP, Solar Flare and Surge Protection

Protect Your Investments: The Importance of EMP Shields for Home, Car, and Backup Generators The critical national infrastructure in the United States faces a present and continuingexistential threat …, including cyber and manmade electromagneticpulse (EMP) attack, as well as from natural EMP from a solar superstorm. Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) events pose a serious threat to […]

Motor Sports Lineup

Kemp Outfitters is proud to carry the Massimo Power Sports line. Founded in 2009, the 325,000-square-foot factory in the heart of Dallas / Fort Worth provides a wide variety of farm and ranch-tested UTVs, and recreational ATVs along with other, innovative product lines. If you’re seeking exhilarating outdoor adventures and rugged off-road experiences, a Massimo […]