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Installing an EMP Shield on your generator is a prudent step to protect your investment, preserve power generation capabilities, and provide peace of mind. By safeguarding your generator from the damaging effects of EMPs, an EMP Shield ensures that you have a reliable power source during emergencies and crisis situations. Invest in an EMP Shield and enhance the resilience of your generator against potential electromagnetic pulse events.

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Next Generation EMP Protection With Military Certified Testing.

Listed by the Department of Homeland Security.


Installing an EMP Shield on your generator is a wise decision for several reasons:


Protection against EMP Events:

EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) events, whether natural or man-made, can cause significant damage to electronic devices, including generators. By installing an EMP Shield, you provide a layer of defense that can protect your generator from the destructive effects of EMPs. It acts as a shield, diverting and mitigating the damaging electrical surges, thus increasing the chances of your generator surviving an EMP event unscathed.


Preserve Power Generation Capability:

During times of crisis, such as natural disasters or grid failures, your generator becomes a crucial lifeline for powering essential appliances and maintaining a sense of normalcy. By protecting your generator with an EMP Shield, you ensure that it remains operational and capable of generating power when you need it most. This allows you to rely on your generator for critical electricity supply during emergencies.


Safeguard Your Investment:

Generators are significant investments, and their repair or replacement costs can be substantial. Installing an EMP Shield adds an extra layer of protection to your generator, potentially saving you from costly repairs or having to purchase a new unit in the event of an EMP incident. It is a proactive measure to safeguard your investment and ensure the longevity of your generator.


Peace of Mind:

Knowing that your generator is equipped with an EMP Shield provides peace of mind. In times of uncertainty and potential grid disruptions, having a reliable power source can alleviate stress and ensure the comfort and safety of yourself and your loved ones. By installing an EMP Shield, you can rest easy, knowing that your generator is fortified against the threat of electromagnetic pulses.





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