Unleash Your Potential: The Massimo MSU850-5 UTV- A Must-Have for Ranchers, Farmers, Hunters, and Independent Thinkers


Introducing the enhanced MSU 850-5, our popular UTV now comes with seating for 5, taking it to the next level. With a powerful 59 horsepower engine and 54 ft lb. of torque, it’s ready to tackle any task. Experience the convenience of our industry-leading Standard Equipment Package, featuring a Hard Top Roof and a Tilting Full Windshield. Stay connected with our 12V accessory socket, ensuring your accessories and devices are always charged on the move. Equipped with Electric Power Steering, a Hydraulic Dump Cargo Bed, and On-demand 4-wheel drive, it provides all the essentials for work and play. Where will your next adventure take you?

Key Standard Features:
• 59HP V-Twin Engine
• Electric Power Steering for effortless control
• Seating for 5, accommodating your crew
• Hydraulic Assist Power Dump Bed for easy unloading
• 4WD With Locking Differential, maximizing traction
• Tilting Full Windshield for customizable airflow
• Hard Top Roof for added protection
• 2500lb Front Winch for versatile utility
• And many more exciting features to explore!

Upgrade your off-road experience with the new MSU 850-5 UTV and embrace the freedom to conquer any terrain. Get ready to work hard and play harder.

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MSU 850-5 UTV

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About the MSU 850-5 UTV

Are you a rancher, farmer, hunter, or just an independent thinker in search of a reliable and versatile utility vehicle? Look no further! We proudly present the Massimo MSU850-5, a powerful and rugged companion specifically designed to meet the demands of ranchers, farmers, hunters, and individuals who value independence. Let’s explore the exceptional specifications of the MSU850-5 and discover why it’s the perfect choice for your unique outdoor endeavors.



– Robust 800cc, fuel-injected 4 Stroke V-Twin engine for exceptional power and performance

– High horsepower and torque to tackle rugged tasks and challenging terrains



– Advanced automatic CVT transmission for smooth gear shifts and optimal power distribution

– Seamlessly transition between low and high speeds for efficient work and maneuverability


4×4 Capability:

– Selectable 4-wheel drive (4×4) system for enhanced traction and stability

– Traverse muddy fields, rocky landscapes, and dense forests with confidence

– Access remote areas and secluded hunting spots effortlessly


Suspension and Ground Clearance:

– Independent double A-arm suspension system for exceptional shock absorption

– Navigate uneven terrains smoothly and maintain control over rough surfaces

– Generous ground clearance to overcome obstacles on the ranch, farm, or hunting trail


Cargo Bed and Towing Capacity:

– Spacious hydraulic dump cargo bed for transporting equipment, tools, and supplies

– Efficiently haul feed, farming implements, and game during the hunting season

– Impressive towing capacity for hauling trailers and heavy loads with ease


Safety Features:

– Robust roll cage and reinforced steel frame for enhanced protection

– Seat belts and reliable seating for safety during every adventure

– Focus on your tasks with peace of mind, knowing your safety is prioritized


Versatility and Adaptability:

– Perfectly suited for a range of outdoor tasks, from ranching and farming to hunting and exploration

– Adapt to changing conditions and demands with the MSU850-5’s powerful capabilities

– Embrace the freedom to pursue your unique endeavors with confidence


Durability and Reliability:

– Rugged construction built to withstand the rigors of outdoor environments

– Designed for longevity and dependability, ensuring years of reliable service

– Trust in the durability of the MSU850-5 to tackle the toughest challenges


Unlock your true potential and experience the unrivaled power, versatility, and independence of the Massimo MSU850-5 UTV. With its powerful engine, efficient transmission, 4×4 capability, robust suspension, ample cargo, and towing capacity, and comprehensive safety features, this utility vehicle is tailor-made for ranchers, farmers, hunters, and those that just want reliable, fun-to-drive transportation around the property. Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your outdoor pursuits. Visit Kemp Outfitters today and embrace the possibilities that the MSU850-5 UTV brings to your ranch, farm, hunting expeditions, and personal adventures!


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